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Long Hill Hair Stylists (originally known as Long Hill Barber Shop) was founded by the late Michael "Mickey" Sciortino, a prominent Trumbull resident and town historian. Mickey was a first-generation Italian-American whose father, Michael Sr., was also a barber.

Mickey's parents immigrated from Sicily in 1903 and settled in the Long Hill section of Trumbull, an area they loved and thought was ideal for raising their large family.

In addition to barbering, Mickey also branched out into other businesses such as real estate, insurance, and land development. He passed away in 2006.



In 1960, Nick Clericuzio began working for Long Hill Barber Shop two years after immigrating to the United States from Italy.

Nick is a second-generation barber who learned the barbering trade from his father. From childhood, Nick honed and developed his barbering skills by working in his father's barber shop in Ariano Irpino (Avellino), Italy.

Right from the start, Nick began to develop a growing clientele at Long Hill due to his great service, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and charismatic sense of humor and wit.

In 1966, Nick became a partner in the barber shop with Mickey Sciortino. A few years later in 1971, when Mickey retired from barbering, Nick bought the shop and began to make it his own. He remodeled the shop and renamed it "Long Hill Hair Stylists" to reflect the new "unisex" hairstyling trends and demands of the 1970s.

In addition to barbering, Nick is also involved in real estate and home development.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys gardening, singing, writing both songs and poetry, listening to music, all kinds of sports (especially watching Italian soccer), playing poker, going to the casino, and visiting his native Italy once a year to catch up with his cousins and old friends he grew up with. Most of all, as a devoted family man, he loves to spend time with his family.

Nick jokes that after more than 50 years of listening to people in his barber chair, he should receive a degree in adult, child, and marriage psychology.

Click here for Nick's business hours.



In 1973, Tony Clericuzio, Nick & Phil's brother (the youngest of the brothers), came on board after working in a barber shop in the East Side of Bridgeport, CT. Like Nick & Phil, Tony also learned the barbering profession by working in their father's shop in Italy.

Tony is a devoted family man who enjoys watching sports (especially the New York Yankees), playing cards, going to the casino, dining out, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Tony is sort of the "straight man" in the shop who acts as the comic foil to Nick's jokes. However, Tony usually replies with a couple of funny zingers of his own.

Tony is semi-retired and only works part-time. Click here for his business hours (However, his hours may vary).



Phil Clericuzio, Nick and Tony's eldest brother, joined us in September 2010 after closing up his own shop, Merritt Barber Shop in the North End of Bridgeport, CT. Phil owned and operated Merritt Barber Shop for 50 years. He originally co-owned the shop with his and his brothers' father Rocco. He took full ownership after Rocco's retirement.

Phil is a dedicated family man who loves spending time with his family. In addition, he is a consummate musician (a talent inherited from his father). He loves to play his mandolin and guitar whenever he can and loves to perform for family and friends. He also enjoys watching sports and going to the casino.

Phil retired as of December 31, 2016.

In Memoriam



In 1967, Martino Parrella was hired soon after moving to the United States from Italy.

Martino was a good-natured man who was very passionate and strong-willed about his Italian roots. Known for taking a friendly ribbing from Nick and Tony at times, he would just take it all in stride and laugh right along.

His main passion, though, was singing. He had a beautiful operatic voice and was a member of the St. Raphael's Church Choir in Bridgeport, CT. Many times, you would find him breaking out into song in between haircuts.

Martino retired in early 2006. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in December 2007 at the age of 74. Our shop definitely lost a part of its soul after he left.

Since Nick took over Long Hill Hair Stylists, it has thrived with a very loyal customer base. The shop's customers keep coming back because not only do they get a great haircut, they also enjoy some wonderful conversation and a laugh or two.

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